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About Us

       Brennan Fitzgerald is a licensed psychotherapist based in Silicon Valley.   Her clientele includes employees of Google, Facebook, Linked In and many technology executives working in Silicon Valley.  Utilizing her psychology education she has designed a unique system to learn better communication skills and higher self confidence with a focus on proven techniques for anxiety and depression.  

       She has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and has taken advanced training at Harvard University.  Recently re-located from Connecticut, Brennan worked for many years as an advocate for refugees and the homeless within the Connecticut mental health system and specialized in Depression, Anxiety, Career issues and cultural adjustment issues for professional clients from all over the world.   She served on Project Echo, a national project that provides Doctors and therapists finding the best route for recovery and treatment for clients with highly difficult and unusual mental illnesses. She has also worked on a study in conjunction with the Connecticut nutritional board and Yale University for utilizing psychotherapy treatment for diabetes and eating disorders.     

     With more than ten years experience as a psychotherapist, Brennan has specialized in helping clients creatively approach life problems with sensitivity and depth. Brennan Fitzgerald is a lifestyle designer and trained psychotherapist inspired by a unique holistic set of principles developed by Brennan of Taoism, Buddhism, compassionate self love, and radiance exercises, through years of self reflection and studying yoga. Initially a writer, yoga practitioner and dancer, Brennan helps her clients choose the life path that is needed for ultimate results and progress.  
      She has spent nearly ten years working as a therapist developing her own curriculum of writing, art and self-discovery that helps clients cease negative patterns of depression and anxiety and thrive, as opposed to merely learning skills to cope with mental issues.  She has studied extensively the holistic model of illness, treating clients to be the healthiest and best possible version of themselves. Working with Psychologists and Psychiatrists from Stanford University, she has also blended her understanding of evidence- based practices for leading a healthy, vital and engaged lifestyle with her own method of treatment.  Through warmth, comfort and support, her clients are protected in finding their own personal essence, true purpose and self.        

Recommended reading for ultimate


   A Lotus Grows in the Mud

     By Goldie Hawn   

     Actress Goldie Hawn, known everywhere for her joyous and humorous dancing in the 70’s and 80s went through a grave period of self doubt in her 20s. She entered therapy for 10 years, in interviews and in her life, Goldie radiates happiness and easy laughter. This account is highly recommended to see how a person can shift from a deep depression to a life filled with happiness and love.   

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting a New Soul: How to Create a New You

by Deepak Chopra  

    An intimate portrait of experiences Deepak Chopra has had with patients and how they have improved depression on a spiritual basis.  Illuminating ideas about how depression may be improved.  

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Group Energy Clearing April 9, 2020

 Join me for a chance to de-stress, meditate, and to cultivate a sense of inner peace and happiness. We will listen to guided crystal healing music, and combine a group treatment based on psychological principles that help revive and clear unhealthy thought patterns to clarify our new thoughts in this new world.   #freshair #soulmedicine #selflove

Click pic below for Eventbrite link for April 9,2020 ONLINE 7PM 

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